Monday, January 18, 2016

The Winter Girl Review

The Winter Girl by Matt Marinovich is, in my experience, a singular thriller.
One of the things that instantly sets it apart from other thrillers of its kind is the POV.  Marinovich wrote in first person, but styled his writing so that despite the fact that it was past tense, the view was limited to the time at hand.  This is very difficult to do and well done in combination with the other factor that sets this novel apart.
Each chapter leads somewhere.  There was no predicting or guessing an outcome or even a next step.  The action was almost literally unfolding chapter-by-chapter.  This could be simultaneously brilliant and the kiss of death for a novel.  It can make the reader want to know more and not want to put the book down if done right and leave them satisfied at the end of the story.  Or.  It can make the reader feel cheated and get bored.  If they drop that book, they won’t want to pick it up again.
Matt Marinovich has mastered this style with The Winter Girl.