Monday, October 19, 2015

Legend By Marie Lu: Review

June and Day

Two prodigies, two resulting fates.

The soldier, the criminal.

Revenge brings them together.  The truth can save them both, or it could destroy all they have left.

Lu uses carefully crafted point of view shifts to shift the story from point to emotional point.  She uses two characters and switches between them in first person POV.  It’s risky, but in this case it worked.  Using physical cues, slang, and sentence structure, Lu managed to create two easily distguishble characters.

June, for example, is very precise in her speech and direct in her actions.

Day is rough, using more regional street slang and at times talking to the reader, which pulls you in further. 

I think this is why Lu chose to open with Day.  It gave the reader an emotional attachment to the character, but is also provided an easy platform for world building and plot setup.  June’s POV on the other hand works well for exposition since she’s investigating her brother’s murder, tracking Day.

This is a thriller that leaves nothing to chance. Everything leads somewhere.  The story is crafted to fit together perfectly.

This is my first look into Marie Lu’s work and I can’t wait for more.