Saturday, November 14, 2015

Forget Tomorrow Review

This is going to be an incredibly brief review since I could not even finish the book, which dissapoints me. 
There were so many great ideas in the plot and in the characters, but the author chose to weave in a romantic storyline and every move of the protagonist became predictable.
If that storyline was dropped completely this book could be an epic science fiction thriller but as is it's barely a decent crossover romance.

  1. Future memories
  2. government manipulation
  3. psychic abilities
Then Logan drops in out of nowhere to be a prince charming saving the day.  Why couldn't Callie save herself?  This plot move weakens the character and makes me as a reader distrust her.  If she couldn't even rescue herself, protect herself, how can she protect her sister?
It broke the whole wall for me then they spend every moment they can in Harmony making out like there's not more important things they need to worry about.
That's about when I dropped the book all together.
Great potential poorly maximized.