Monday, December 7, 2015

Artful by Peter David Review


              Artful by Peter David combines classic storytelling with modern style.  Some years after Oliver Twist left his company and Fagin had been executed, Dodger finds himself among new friends.  After all, who else would the son of Van Helsing go to if he needed help in London?

              Dodger will always be Dodger, a rogue element, but he certainly gained hero points in this narrative.  First, he saved a princess without knowing who she was.  When he found out her lineage, he and the Van Helsing boy use The Artful’s talents to save Buckingham palace, and indeed, the whole of England.

              What I liked most about this book is that it wasn’t a classic with vampires stuck in random places.  This work is intelligent and well written based on some of the characters in Dickens’ classic that David took efforts to flesh out and build a proper plot around.

              Though it is not a steampunk novel per se, Artful can stylistically fit into that category, probably owing to the mix of classic and modern literature and legends.

It’s fun, frightening, action packed and edgy, but it will sneak past you if you’re not careful.

Make sure all your friends pick this up it’s a worthy read.