Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Snow: The White Crow Review

Another Urban Fairytales book, another binge read.
Snow: The White Crow is the second in the series by Erik Schubach.  I am officially in love with this story and this author’s style.
For this installment, Schubach has once again chosen to write in 1st person POV, but he’s writing from a different character.  Instead of Daria and Maireni from Red Hood, he narrates with Gretta Snow.  It’s a style of serializing I haven’t seen before.  The story seems to follow a legend rather than a specific character.  This allows a first person POV to drop into whatever character is active within the legend in a given time.  It keeps the story moving and works very well for this narrative.
My other favorite thing about Schubach’s writing is that he writes lesbian romance that is fresh and somewhat innocent.  In Snow, the romance is more mature than it was in Red Hood, but it’s never gratuitous or erotic.  The love between the characters is a part of the story.  It’s something that actually propels the narrative.
I love reading these stories and will continue to do so as long as they keep getting written.